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We hold operational excellence and a superior guest experience as the key components of successfully managing hotel properties. Hotels consist of both an operational and real estate business development, which require unique managerial requirements that many real estate operators lack. Only by combining the skill sets required to successfully manage a business and the art of property management, can a particular property reach its full potential. At TM Hospitality, we understand this and how to put our extensive experience as business entrepreneurs and real estate owners to work for you.


To accomplish this we utilize innovative management programs and initiatives to maximize operating efficiencies in order to generate sizable returns on investment for hotel owners and investors

Human Resources

The quality of a property’s staff can make or break on any business reputation. As a result, at TM Hospitality we place a high degree of importance on human resources and ensuring that each staff member is properly selected and trained.

Included among our Human Resource Services are:

    • Comprehensive training for employees with clearly defined role & responsibilities.
    • Routine performance reviews.
    • Personnel law compliance administration (i.e. ADA, OSHA, COBRA).
    • Unemployment cost control.
    • Competitive benefits package development.Recruit and retain managers.
    • Employee incentive programs (optional).
    • Establish internship programs with local colleges and universities (optional).

Property & Asset Management:

TM Hospitality (TMH), offers hotels, restaurants and its business different services to increase asset values and improve productivity. At TMH we know the importance of preventive maintenance to maintain the value of an asset. We ensure properties have operation manuals, maintenance inspection records, and safety measures in place to ensure assets value are maintained or increased.

Accounting & Financial Reporting

Accurate Financial Reports is a very important aspect of every business. TM Hospitality (TMH) will help properties comply with franchise, federal and local regulations by establishing audit controls and accounting procedures.

Included among our Accounting and Financial services are:

  • Development of Internals Controls.
  • Financial Statements Productions and Analysis.
  • Budget and Pro forma Development.
  • Bank Account Reconciliation and Cash Management Services.
  • Accounts Receivable Billing and Collections.
  • Accounts Payable Processing.
  • Payroll Processing and Tax Filing.
  • State & Local Tax Filings.
  • Utilities Management.
  • Fixed Asset Management.
  • Property Tax Management.

    Operational Management

    Operational management is the lifeblood of a successful hotel and provides key support and direction for every department within the property. Operational excellence and superior service delivery are some of the key components to maximizing a property’s value. The scope of services we provide at the operational level is quite extensive and are geared toward improving operating efficiency and cash flow.


    • Routine cost reviews for major expense areas.
    • Bi-Weekly and monthly payroll analysis and staff service audits.
    • Energy cost reviews and controls.
    • Vendor cost reviews.
    • Competitive bidding for third-party service contracts.
    • Establish performance criteria for contracted services and monitor performance quality levels.

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